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L’ENSA Limoges a été heureuse d’accueillir Kika Rufino, artiste en résidence au sein de l’atelier POPbijou pendant 3 mois (du 6 janvier au 31 mars 2020).

Kika Rufino est née à São Paulo au Brésil en 1985. Depuis 2015 elle vit et travaille à Idar-Berstein en Allemagne.

Kika Rufino a trouvé dans son travail autour du bijou contemporain une façon d’allier le geste, la création et la construction. En 2010, elle a ouvert son propre studio à São Paulo, son pays natal. Après cinq ans de pratique indépendante, elle a déménagé en Allemagne pour consacrer du temps à ses études et à son projet de maîtrise.
Dans ses pièces, le corps et l’espace sont au centre des perspectives issues de son parcours académique et pratique : Licence en architecture et urbanisme à l’Université de São Paulo et Master en beaux-arts de la Hochschule Trier à Idar-Oberstein et danse depuis l’âge de cinq ans.


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Born: São Paulo – Brazil, 1985
Since 2015 is based in Idar-Oberstein, Germany.

Short Presentation

Kika Rufino found in the artistic jewelry work her way to combine gesture, creation and construction. In 2010, she opened her own studio in São Paulo. And after five years of independent practice, she moved to Germany to devote time to her Master studies and project.

In her pieces, the body and space are in focus with perspectives that she brings from her academic and practical background: Bachelor degree in architecture and urban planning at the University of São Paulo and Master of fine arts from Hochschule Trier in Idar-Oberstein, she dances since the age of five years old.

Living in Idar-Oberstein, between 2015 and 2018, she developed a practical and theoretical thesis about the concept of sacred and preciousness in contemporary life. Having the stone as the main element and the cut as the main transformation gesture, she deals with the idea of limit, complementarity and epiphany.

In that path, Kika faced the consequences of her research beyond the expected boundaries of gemstones and jewelry field. Within installations, objects, jewelry and photograms her thesis was concluded, revealing the frictions of her authorial trypthic “holy, hole, whole”.


Recently graduated, Kika Rufino was nominated finalist to BKV Prize 2019 Bavarian Society of Arts and Crafts, in Munich; Rheinland Pfalz Staatspreis and Hessischen Staatspreis für das Kunsthandwerk; in Germany and International Photography Award 2019 in New York.

During the year of 2019 Kika exhibited her recent work at Inhorgenta, IHM (Munich) Galerie Marzee (Nijmejen), Gallery S O (London), Grassi Messe (Leipzig) and Intro (Amsterdam).

Short Statement

Simultaneously visible and invisible, material and ethereal, objective and subjective. Lightness and weight are now added to the paradoxical topic explored. The main substance used in the latest work is the stone and the main action is to cut. Open, the cut itself invites. Sometimes to be admired, contemplated, meditated. Other times it instigates to be explored, penetrated and crossed.

Celebrating the balance between tension and resistance, I explore the limit of the material by the idea of creating by removing. In my work, the void became an essential presence. I see them as inclusions added inside the monolithic piece of stone. The void gives space to the light, to the body and to the development of new ways to connect the stone to the person.

The results and the effects, although apparently optics, convoke our whole body. They question the limits of impression, memory, reality, and virtuality. To reveal itself, the pieces invite us to move.

more informations on her website

ENSA LIMOGES | Campus de Vanteaux | 19, avenue Martin Luther King | B.P. 73824 | 87038 LIMOGES CEDEX 01 | 05 55 43 14 00


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